Welcome to FreeSpirit Wellness, a place where health, fitness, and holistic wellbeing is our priority.

Welcome to the FreeSpirit Wellness Tribe!

You’ve somehow landed here because you are looking for a place where your fitness, your health, making more time for a balanced lifestyle matter. We love nothing more than connecting with like minded people, from novice to experts to learn from each other.

Make yourself known, get in touch, we’re looking forward to meet you.

FreeSpirit Wellness is about creating an online happy place where you can expect to

  • Learn and demystify healthy living
  • Learn the science behind healthy living
  • Access wellbeing tips
  • Discover a community of like-minded people who promote healthy living
  • Access personal development opportunities
  • Discover business opportunities and residual income

Who’s behind this?

It started with Sarah Beesley, founder of FreeSpirit Wellness Yogi, whose health and passion about holistic fitness lead her to become one of these wellness consultant (yes, I know the term is over-used, but it’s shorter than “qualified yoga teacher and certified fitness and exercise coach whose sole purpose is to help you improve your lifestyle holistically” – told you!). The kids joined in, and one day someone said “can this be our job and can we do it together?”.

img_4576Sarah’s contagious energy and passion inspires others to optimize their lifestyle, as they develop healthy habits to achieve their health, fitness and work-life balance goals.

Aaron’s an avid football player and is forever after ways to develop his skills and optimise his performance and recovery. A natural born healer, he’s the king of potions and lotions that promote relaxation.

The Simonster loves healthy eating, potion making and keeping everyone on their toes.

Join the FreeSpirit Wellness Tribe

We came up with a strict criteria for tribe members, you need to…

  • Be alive
  • Want to make the most of your life
  • Commit to optimizing your health and wealth
  • Be part of a community where you’ll be accepted for who you are and encouraged to grow healthier, wealthier
  • Be prepared to “pay it forward”

If all the above sounds like you, welcome! Start here

More about Sarah, the founder FreeSpirit Wellness Yogi

Sarah2016I am a British Wheel of Yoga trained Yoga Teacher and proud holder of a certificate in exercise and fitness. I also happens to be a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and excel as a Project Manager for a global consultancy, where I have been trained further with coaching and mentoring skills as a team leader. Incidentally I’m a mum to these two adorable boisterous boys who are the best teachers of patience, pragmatism, loving, understanding and inspired living.

My purpose is to build a healthy sustainable world and fill it with happier, healthier, wealthier people. I love watching others grow, particularly when I’m able to inspire them.

It was the summer of 2014 when my lovely neighbours were launching their health reset programme and were looking for test subjects. ‘Of course I’ll do it’ I said. After all, a full time job 2hrs away from home and two boysterious children were making for an exhausting lifestyle. I was wiped out, running on empty, heading to my 40s and feeling it, the label “chronic fatigue” had already been stuck on me, I had lost the energy of my athletic days… I needed all the help I could get!

Two weeks is all it took for the transformation to be noticeable. I was buzzing with health induced energy, gone was the brain fog, the mood swings dial was set on happy, my fitness was returning and my shape slimmed right back to the pre-baby era. Soon I was fitter in my late thirties than I was in my teens and twenties when I was competing in hockey and volleyball!

The transformation was achieved to a fantastic approach through nutrition, entirely backed by the Usana Health Sciences research. Thanks to what I learnt from the Usana education, I felt empowered to the point of relaunching the yoga coaching business I had abandoned a few years prior into a science backed health coaching business. FreeSpirit was back, fuelled by my regained energy!

As the FreeSpirit Wellness Yogi, I coach individuals into optimising their health and fitness in a way that fits their demanding lifestyle. I am thrilled to say that I see success with chronic fatigue, joint pain, reaching healthy weight/shape/size, skin and hair condition…

I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey and how I may be able to support you in achieving your healthy living goals so you can too feel this fabulous. Get in touch, let’s talk!

Joining the tribe and becoming a FreeSpirit Wellness Yogi simply means that you work to achieve your wellbeing goals in a holistic fashion (ie by applying the principles of yoga to your lifestyle), and you are committed to learn, grow and support others do the same.

There are different ways we can help you making sense of your wellness priorities, and help you identify a course of actions, particularly those first steps. We are 100% into the #LoveLifeAndLiveIt lifestyle. We support with optimizing your eating habits, your fitness, your work/life balance, all of these, some of these… And we even dab in aromatherapy at times.


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