Carpe diem. I’ll worry about DOMS tomorrow. NOT for beginners!

Workout 2 today, just because I have the time, and that sometimes balancing life mean a cheeky extra daily circuit. *note that this will in no way improve my performance, if anything, I’ll be shattered tomorrow and barely able to walk. I’m doing it for the sheer pleasure of pushing my body through its limits.*

On the menu of this bonus circuit
> Romanian deadlifts (30kg, which is just over half my lean bodyweight)
> Plank crawlers on the balance board
> curtsies, plus bicep curls and kickbacks (8kg, my own optimal max for this pace and ratio)
> Russian twists (10kg, ditto comment above)
Do on 50:10 HIIT ratio. 3 sets for maintenance, more for a laugh.

#optimisefitness #challenge #blast #HIIT

Investing this afternoon in me, me, me. Well, building the business, my business. So far, activities including watching inspiring videos, reading up on business tools, and scribbling a logo. (Please comment and offer tweaks if you like)
That doesn’t think like work and is actually quite relaxing.

#selfdevelopment #selfemployed #homegrown

#sunrise #kickstart the day
No matter where you are, this a little boost to the soul. The benefits of catching a sunrise include:
– reassurance that regardless of what happens in your life, it’ll always be there
– indicating that you woke early enough to do something with your day
– makes you stop, even if briefly, to appreciate its beauty

(Unless you’re a vampire, in which case, you’re screwed)
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