Easy chicken bake

Easy chicken bake

1. Chopped onions ~ 1 cup

2. Cracked black pepper and ground curcuma (turmeric powder) and coconut oil

3. Locally sourced chicken meat ~ 600g

4. Chopped tomatoes ~ 1 cup

5. Chopped garlic and herbs ~ 1-2 tablespoonfuls, sprinkled

Bake at 150-180C for 30/45’

Optional a layer of streaky bacon before the tomatoes.

Serve with greens of your choice.


5 steps to challenge negative thinking

Challenging negative thinking in 5 steps

1. Stop and step back

2. Pause, take a breath

3. Observe

4. Pull back, take perspective

5. Practise what works and what helps

Feeling very proud of myself. Pushed my limits this morning and the DOMS are starting now. I’ve added some weights on a few movements… Ended after 20’ dripping with sweat and whole body fired up 🏆

Today’s session included:
– Romanian dead lifts
– weighted burpees
– plank and weighted twists
– elevated push-ups
– squat to lunge
– weighted axe(wo)man
All of this complete with ujayi breathing of course, 3 cycles of each exercise 45s on/15s off

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