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Spring is here! It’s time to prepare for summer.

Our house is surrounded by ants nests. We don’t mind the little blithers, but we don’t want them in our home either.

Last year we did lots of research on natural and essential oil recipes. Some worked better than others. There are three to that were outstanding to manage our neighbours the ants: ant powder to spread as a barrier to the front garden, and a couple of sprays for inside habitable areas. One is ready made, which is great, but not as much fun obviously since the whole point was to have a “useful activity”.

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Ant 🐜 powder


1kg cinnamon powder

500ml Epsom salts

200g talcum powder

50drops YL* peppermint essential oil

*these are pure and non-toxic (most essential oils are not suitable for skin application or let alone ingestion, therefore not recommended around children and animals). They also take very little to be effective. Other brands will differ.

Wear gloves or use a spoon.

Blend the powders, add the essential oils, mix some more.

Spread in the desired areas.

We made a physical barrier in our border (it was the kids’ project) and it worked well.

Ant 🐜 spray

Young Living’s Thieves mix and house cleaner (go to products, search “Thieves”) work wonders, but they’re not as much fun, especially when we want to have a “useful activity”.

Homemade ant spray

In a glass spray bottle (essential oils will degrade most plastics), add and shake:

1/4 cup purified water or boiled water, salted

1/4 cup vodka to suspend the oil in water

15d peppermint essential oil

15d tea tree oil EO

7d of citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit etc…) EO

3d cinnamon EO

Spray where needed.

Happy making!

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#burkini vs #bikini

Thanks to my friend Sandrine for posting in the first place.
Having taught yoga to the lovely Al Nisaa ladies at my local mosque, this subject is dear to my heart.
Freedom takes all different shapes, and a step change will always spark a debate. #burkini vs #bikini being an ultra sensitive one in a country that has both a culture of putting on a show the outcome of a healthy lifestyle, and freedom of expression, but also sees a rise in terrorist threats (eg need security and surveillance as much as looking out for one another’s emotions)
From a fitness point of view, I think the Burkini is wonderful as it allows so many more women to enjoy workouts outdoors. This is great for people with ultra sensitive skin particularly.

#burkini vs #bikini


🚨🚨🚨 WAKE UP! 🚨🚨🚨


We’re halfway through the school holidays. The old routines are left behind, and time is likely filled with all sorts of activities that we haven’t got time for during term time.
Children and students should hopefully be more relaxed now (parents, that’s questionable 😂). The return to school still seems a long way away.
Would’ve it be nice to
– make it a smooth transition?
– see new good habits forming?
– be able to get up and be ready on time?
– maintain a fitness plan if the summer has been an active one?
– find time for the things that matter?
– start a business that fits around life?

NOW is the ideal time to identify what our priorities are. NOW is the time to start going to bed 5’ earlier so that it’s that much easier in the morning. NOW is the time to seek help to achieve our goals.




EWG’s 2016 Guide to Sunscreens

Good tips for the summer 🌞 stay safe and check how good a sunscreen is, before you buy on the EWG lists.

EWG’s 2016 Guide to Sunscreens