Water and water intake. A few facts.

Browsing FB I was going to share a seemingly fab post on water. Before I realised the snappy headlines were too misleading.

1. What is water?

When we say water, we mean the clear stuff that flows out of the mountain stream, and as least polluted as possible. If from the tap, then use a filter, at worse boil it.
It’s not coffee, tea, soda not alcohol (that includes beer my Brit friends). You may flavour it by infusing it with fruits and herbs, it’s nice.

2. How much?

The recommend amount is 0.033 x weight in kg. This is an amount in litres.
Add more if you exercise, and/or if you’re in a drier climate.

3. When?

Regularly! There are several variations on the theme, and my favourite is the common sense approach.
First as you wake up, to help flushing the system after the night’s rest. Add lemon juice for vit C, add lemon zest for boosting the metabolism. Temperature should be as close as possible as the body’s. (Too hot it kills the active elements of lemon, too cold it makes it difficult to digest).
Then, before meals. Quench the thirst before tackling hunger.
Between meals, same reason as above.
Never more than a half litre at a time, you don’t want to drown!

4. Benefits:
Clearer plump skin, because you flush toxins
Weight loss, because you don’t mistake thirst for hunger
Optimum performance (brain and athletic), because the right hydration fuels your body functions better
Energy, alertness, less grumpy, you name it! (By products of the three points above)

I think that covers it. Message me or comment if you have more questions on the subject.