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Health that shows: supplementation and skin care

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There are two packs available, split between skin types as combination/ oily or as sensitive/ dry

To optimise your Celavive skincare with the skin deep healthy glow, complement with other star products:

Probiotic – to balance your gut microbiome. Benefits include better digestion, less cravings/brain fog, contributes to a better immune system function. Note that just like food, it is recommended to rotate between two or three types. Just make sure you select reputable labs (Oxford Vitality is good albeit 1/12th of potency, and OptiBac too).

HealthPak – Minimum supplementation for optimal health – note that this does not replace a healthy diet. It makes your healthy choices effective and supplements it in the healthiest possible way. You’ll still have to make the right choices for your macros.

Essential oils:

Between Aaron and I, we’re such essential oils nerds that we ended up with a wholesale account with Young Living. We’ll happily hook you up so you can benefit from similar offers we have.

Use this link directly, or contact me with any question and I’ll take you through the ordering process.