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What it takes

Change is scary, even when it’s for the best, even when we have a sense we should. You can’t make excuses if you want results.

This morning’s insta post is worth moving to the blog. It stems from hearing those who are not quite ready to commit to their health. Change is a scary thing, even if it’s for the best, so people come up with excuses to justify not undertaking the change to a healthier lifestyle.

But Sarah, I don’t have the time

⏰ It takes 5-10’ for an effective exercise routine.

But Sarah, I don’t have the space, can’t afford a gym, I’m scared of the gym

🕴🏿 It takes a length of your body space if you don’t have a gym. And if you don’t like exercising, any vigorous movement will do the trick really, but as a human, you’ve got to move that body for it to function.

But Sarah, I like sugar, wine, burgers, [insert processed food of choice] too much

🤯 It takes making a priority on proper nutrition.

It takes building habits to feed the right stuff.

That’s the bare minimum. It’s up to you. It’s what you’re happy with and feel you can sacrifice, which is very individual choice.

Next step is choosing your environment (spaces and people), and making the decisions to fight for what you want to keep and let go of what drags you down. That is the big one. But if you can start with the first three, the rest will follow. It’s worth it.

Stop making excuses if you want results. If you want help, let’s talk simple actions and building habits that work.

By SarahBee Healthy

My mission is to make a better world by empowering individuals to optimise their lifestyle to achieve their work-life balance, health and wealth goals.
I am an engineer turned project manager and BWY trained yoga teacher. I have been optimising lifestyles since 2007 by applying yoga therapy and coaching skills to help others solve life's “little” challenges.
I am a mum to two adorable boisterous boys, my passion is to make their world a better place. I do this through my exciting day job as a project manager, while also educating and coaching people about healthy living and optimal nutrition.

Sarah Bee

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