Easy chicken bake

Easy chicken bake

1. Chopped onions ~ 1 cup

2. Cracked black pepper and ground curcuma (turmeric powder) and coconut oil

3. Locally sourced chicken meat ~ 600g

4. Chopped tomatoes ~ 1 cup

5. Chopped garlic and herbs ~ 1-2 tablespoonfuls, sprinkled

Bake at 150-180C for 30/45’

Optional a layer of streaky bacon before the tomatoes.

Serve with greens of your choice.


By SarahBee Healthy

My mission is to make a better world by empowering individuals to optimise their lifestyle to achieve their work-life balance, health and wealth goals.
I am an engineer turned project manager and BWY trained yoga teacher. I have been optimising lifestyles since 2007 by applying yoga therapy and coaching skills to help others solve life's “little” challenges.
I am a mum to two adorable boisterous boys, my passion is to make their world a better place. I do this through my exciting day job as a project manager, while also educating and coaching people about healthy living and optimal nutrition.

Sarah Bee

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