End of the Year Subscriber’s Choice Poll


It’s that time of year where we reflect on the best of our local music scene, and we hand the decision-making over to you, our readers and podcast subscribers, for one episode that will drop at the end of the year.

Here’s the rules:

1) Bands must be local, located within a 90 mile radius of Chicago city limits

2) Bands must be actively playing out around Chicago, at least 3 times a year

3) Bands must be original. No cover or tribute bands.

4) Bands cannot be signed to a major or mid-size label. No Fallout Boy, Ministry, Chevelle, Smashing Pumpkins. No Jungle Rot, Broken Hope, Naked Raygun or Flatfoot 56. They don’t need our help.

5) You can nominate as many local bands as you like.

6) Bands must perform and write rock-based music.
Anything rock, punk, and metal. No strictly rap, country, or folk artists. 

7) The top 25 bands nominated will be featured on the episode. 

8) Previous Subscriber’s Choice poll first place winners will not be counted.

9) The band with the most nominations will be our featured artist for January with a video interview.

10) This poll closes on midnight December 15.

One of my favourite “new comer” #Caster needs our votes. These guys are fab!

By SarahBee Healthy

My mission is to make a better world by empowering individuals to optimise their lifestyle to achieve their work-life balance, health and wealth goals.
I am an engineer turned project manager and BWY trained yoga teacher. I have been optimising lifestyles since 2007 by applying yoga therapy and coaching skills to help others solve life's “little” challenges.
I am a mum to two adorable boisterous boys, my passion is to make their world a better place. I do this through my exciting day job as a project manager, while also educating and coaching people about healthy living and optimal nutrition.

Sarah Bee

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